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Having an elegant or whimsical monogram is so luxurious! I love monograms for lots of reasons, but they also serve a purpose! Identify what is yours without revealing who you are. Great for traveling and on-the-go.  

Remember that a traditional monogram is case sensitive and to keep in mind that letters will be personalized EXACTLY how you present them.  Please review every detail to make sure it is exactly what you would like the finished product to look like.  

Listed below are some general guidelines for monogramming, but remember that you can create whatever you want! In that case, there are no rules!  Personalized items are not returnable.

General Guidelines for Traditional Monogramming


A Stacked Monogram is designed so that the first name initial is on the top left, middle initial is on the bottom left, and the last is the large initial on the right. 


Text is used to represent names, sports teams, schools, hashtags, etc. 

Check out the extensive list of Alphabet Fonts as well!


 A traditional "His or Hers" Monogram is first name initial on the left, last name initial centered, and middle name initial on the right. In the case of a married couple, the wife's first initial is on the left, their last name initial is centered, and the husband's first initial is on the right.


A Three-Initial Monogram.  Clean and sophisticated, this monogram falls in the order of first, middle, and then last initial. Very popular with the guys! 


A single initial usually represents a first or last name, as shown on these hemstitched, linen guest towels.

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